4 Useful, Smart-House Solutions

If anyone reads, nearly any publication, about the latest trends, in home living, they have become aware of the terms, smart – houses, and/ or smart – homes. While some of these, such as certain devices, etc, fall into this category, I felt, it might make sense, and be somewhat useful, if we discussed, and evaluated, a few useful ways, to take advantage, of the best, there is to offer, when it comes, to relevant, useful technology, and technological essentials. With that in mind, this article will consider, identify, review, and briefly discuss, 4 useful, smart – house solutions.

1. Security systems; alarms; monitoring: A few years ago, one could not have imagined, having the ability to remotely monitor, one’s home, including the security system, appliances, entry – ways (windows and doors), smoke/ fire, etc. Today’s security systems, are digital, automated, efficient and effective, and provide an additional layer of protecting, not only our property, but also our mindsets! There are companies, which provide, closed – circuit monitors, where we can witness, and observe, what is going on, around our properties, even when we are not present. We can, also, remotely, have the peace, of mind, to observe, our premises, when there is a baby – sitter, etc.

2. Heating; cooling; HVAC: We’ve come a long way, in many things, related to technology, and our heating and ventilation systems, also known/ referred to, as, HVAC, is another example. Newer heating systems are smaller, more efficient, and effective, than many of the older systems. In the past, when we wanted air conditioning, our options were only, choosing a Central system, or individual window units, but, today, we also have ductless systems, to choose from. These ductless systems, are extremely quiet and efficient, effective, and permit us, to cool, only those sections of our homes, where we are residing, rather than paying to cool, the entire house, as we, do, with most Central Air Conditioners.

3. Lights; energy: It’s not only possible, but suggested, for homeowners, to have energy usage, monitored, and have a professional, make suggestions, to save money, and increase efficiency, and effectiveness. Most utility companies, today, remotely monitor, energy usage, which saves time, inconvenience, and manpower, while also reducing the amount of time, when there is an outage.

4. Robotics: There are many areas of the home, where robotics are now available. One of the best examples, is robotics, available, regarding vacuums, etc. There are also, possibilities, when it comes to, service – related/ butler systems, cooking, etc.

While there are numerous possibilities, each individual, should choose, for himself, which ones make sense for them. My professional suggestion is to wait, and see, and opt for the finest ones, for your specific needs, and usage.